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Overcoming the Rainy Day Blues

I grew up here in Cali and last month, we have had more rain than I can remember. Apparently, the last time it rained this much was in 1989! At first, we all were embracing the rain after having a severe drought. Then, it just would not quit. The damns started overflowing, and people were even …

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Maui Vibes

Watching the rain pour down on this January afternoon, has caused me to sit back and reminisce about our wonderful, tropical vacation to Maui, Hawaii. Life has been so hectic since our return so time has gotten away from me. I can’t believe it has been over two months since our plane landed and we …


Rainy Days with Goldfish®

In the Bay Area, we generally do not experience harsh climates and weather changes. In fact, we rarely even experience rainy days. You could say that we are lucky in some ways, but nothing says family bonding like a cold, rainy day inside. This January, however, we have quite a bit of rainy days to …

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