During the beginning of our trip to Carmel, we knew that we wanted to take the little ones to The Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is such a wonderful educational place for them to learn the importance of protecting our wildlife and also a wonderful place for them to play and discover. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was only  about 15 minutes from our place so we waited until after Shayne’s morning nap and made a day out of it. The kids had a blast! I used to take Kolton there often before we had Shayne, but we had not been back in awhile. Being almost 4 years old, I think he appreciated it more this time around.


The toddler area made specifically for our 3 littles, was where they had the most fun! Shayne splashed around in the small fountain, stocked with play fish, while Kolton and Olivia jumped around on the water bed. All three were able to crawl through tunnels and climb in a giant clam shell. There were so many places for them to explore.


Watching these three laugh and explore while learning about nature was a lot of fun to watch.aquarium-1carmel-37

We were able to watch the shark feeding from an under water perspective and learned a lot about some of the larger creatures under the sea. It was a little intimidating being so close to them and also quite mesmerizing and peaceful.

carmel-7carmel-36carmel-34Being surrounded by children and their imaginations and curious eyes makes these trips so much more worthwhile. carmel-22carmel-24carmel-8carmel-9aquarium-2

We are looking forward to our next trip to Monterey and will have to stop by the Monterey Bay Aquarium again since we still have so much to explore!
All photos by the talented Jaime Hearts Photography!