I grew up here in Cali and last month, we have had more rain than I can remember. Apparently, the last time it rained this much was in 1989! At first, we all were embracing the rain after having a severe drought. Then, it just would not quit. The damns started overflowing, and people were even being evacuated from their homes! This is something that none of us were prepared for. I have learned all about things like earthquake safety, and having a fire evacuation plan, but flooding? This was a first for me.


Kolton and Shayne were not ready for this either, although they are now obsessed with their rain boots and jumping into puddles. I got them new rain gear at the beginning of the season, but really had no idea that they would get this much use out of it! Finally a purchase my husband didn’t give me a hard time about.


I have been putting together a small list of our favorite rainy day activities as well as some ways to get out of that rainy day gloom that we all face when the weather is depressing and dark.

  1. Have some friends over for a pajama party!


I mean seriously…what could be more fun than best friends, pajamas and light sabers?

2. Snuggle and read stories



We love reading our new personalized book from Read Your Story

3. Girls night out!IMG_0355

This is something I need to do more often! With two little ones, this just does not happen enough. I love dressing up and going out with friends!

4. Gymboree class or some other indoor play space

These places tend to get overcrowded on rainy day weekends but are great for little ones during the week! They can burns off energy without going outside. We buy these in bulk or when they are discounted, and save for a rainy day to keep the cost down.

5. Build a fort or even find a box to climb in


Kids love the simplest things sometimes.

6. Find something that needs to be organized.

This might not be the most fun, but at least you will come out of it feeling productive and accomplished.

7. Go shopping

IMG_0490 2

Even if it’s just a trip to Target to grab a few necessities. Any excuse to get out of the house, right?! (This snack holder is perfect for a trip to the store with your little one. Get it from Snap & Shop)

8. Try out some new jewelry!


I don’t wear jewelry enough! I love this choker from Ettika Jewelry. It goes with everything!

9. Start a band


What toddler doesn’t love making loud music? If you don’t have any instruments, break out the pots and pans, and let them go nuts! It kills time and burns energy! Snack holder from Twist Shake!

10. Have an indoor picnic


Just do something different at lunch time. Shayne usually sits in her highchair, so I thought it would be fun to sit at her little table with her for lunch. It was a small change, but she loved it and ate everything! (Sippy cup and reusable plate from The First Years Brand® available at Walmart)


The list goes on! There are so many fun ways to keep our littles and ourselves busy even when we can’t play outside.

My favorite part about the rain is when the sun finally comes out after and we can jump in the puddles 🙂IMG_0161

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? Leave your comments below.