In the Bay Area, we generally do not experience harsh climates and weather changes. In fact, we rarely even experience rainy days. You could say that we are lucky in some ways, but nothing says family bonding like a cold, rainy day inside. This January, however, we have quite a bit of rainy days to look forward to, according to the local meteorologists. This is why I have decided to put together some fun rainy day activities for myself and my four-year old to do while baby sister, Shayne is taking a nap. There is nothing like mother-son bonding, and I know it is something Kolton looks forward to. Now that he is at an age where he can maintain focus for long enough to play some board games and puzzles, we are making the most of our rainy days. By the end of the day, our living room looks like it was hit by a tornado, but it was all worth it. img_3617

One of the simplest activities I like to do with him is just ask him questions. I ask how his day was if we are playing after school or I will ask him what he wants to do tomorrow. He loves asking me questions like, “What’s your favorite flavor of popsicle, Mama” and “Who is your favorite character on (insert favorite movie of the week here)?” He is always so anxious to hear my answers and is eager to give me his (even though I already know what he is going to tell me). These conversations are something that I think about often and dread the day that they are no longer. img_3619

Kolton is also really into puzzles. We have so many to choose from but I usually like to go for the most educational ones. We have a new one where you match the color to the object and he can even learn to spell the colors. He is really into spelling words right now (very advanced for a four year old), so he loves this one.

We also love to color and draw together. Santa brought us a new mess free coloring tablet that changes colors and sings songs. Kolton loves it and I love not having to wash marker off the table and walls. img_3644


Of course, we cannot forget snack time. Kolton’s favorite snack is Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Crackers Colors. He sorts them by color and pops them in his mouth without missing a beat. Sometimes he will give me a few, if I’m lucky. img_3650img_3630

What are your favorite indoor, rainy day activities to increase quality time with your family? Share your stories below.

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