With our upcoming, adult only Maui trip just around the corner, we wanted to do something extra special for Kolton and Shayne before we have to say goodbye for four nights. After laying out some options, we decide that a mini trip to Santa Cruz (only 45 minutes away), would be perfect for us. Long road-trips can be tough at their ages still, and they love the beach and especially LOVE the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk! Shayne picked out her favorite toys and books to bring on our trip and put into her own personal roller duffel bag from JWorld New York.IMG_4823

Shayne’s roller duffel from JWorld New York

Since we decided to go in the middle of the week (Tuesday through Friday), we expected the Boardwalk to be quieter than usual and the lines to be much shorter for games and rides. While not all of the rides were open, that was okay with us since Kolton and Shayne don’t ride many rides anyway. We stayed at The Beach Street Inn, just across from the beach and in view of the Boardwalk and the pier. The kids loved being right in the action and I loved listening to the waves.


The terrace at the Beach Street Inn. Both roller duffels from JWorld New York

As soon as we arrived, we had to get to the Boardwalk! Kolton was so excited and would not stop talking about it. We threw our suitcases into our room, and headed out for some fun! IMG_5013

Shayne really wanted to get her face painted and decided on a purple butterfly on her cheek (yes…this was entirely HER decision) She is very opinionated and expresses herself to my amazement in so many ways. She sat very still the entire time, and even said, “Tank you” at the end. It was adorable and even though it was completely smudged within an hour, it was worth the joy on her face. IMG_4851IMG_4858IMG_4864IMG_4866

Kolton always LOVES the arcade at the Boardwalk! They have games for all of us to play together, and we can spend hours in there!IMG_4914IMG_4906

Just walking around, exploring, playing games, and watching the rollercoasters wiz by us kept us all entertained for days!


Of course we had to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach! We chose Twin Lakes Beach so the kiddos were not too distracted by the Boardwalk. It was so quiet over there and so beautiful. These mid-week beach days are so wonderful if you want to avoid the crowds!IMG_4995IMG_4982IMG_4978IMG_4977IMG_4973IMG_4970IMG_4968IMG_4958IMG_4956IMG_4952IMG_4950IMG_4942IMG_4941IMG_4938IMG_4932IMG_4924

Good bye Santa Cruz! Until next time. Next trip…Maui!