We just got home from our annual family trip to Lake Tahoe. This trip is so very special for our family. It is a time we all come together, leave the everyday hustle and bustle, and relax and enjoy the beautiful lake life.


This year, we had an unexpected situation that scared this mommy half to death. Shayne is the most energetic, vivacious, talkative and sassiest little two-year-old I know! Our second day on the lake, she was someone I have never met. She could not even lift her head up, let alone get out of bed. She would not eat, drink or even stand up. All she wanted was mommy to hold her and would fall asleep in my arms. At first, we chalked it up to her adjusting to the elevation, but in my gut, I knew it was more than that. You see, when it comes to my children, I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac. I can’t help it. I anticipate the very worst, and people tell me that I tend to overreact. I tried to minimize the situation at first, but by instinct quickly kicked in and I had to take her in. IMG_1699

My husband and I rushed her to the closest Emergency Room while leaving Kolton in the care of his grandparents. After a long and grueling wait, we were finally seen, and she was checked out. The doctor chalked it up to a stomach virus and a slight fever. I still did not feel as though this was enough to drain her so much. Both of my kids have had low-grade fevers, but neither of them have ever acted so lethargic.

He insisted we don’t worry… she just is not feeling well. Be sure to give her plenty of fluids and keep her comfortable. He assured us that she will be back to herself in a couple of days, and if not, then to bring her back in.


We had to force fluids into her with a syringe throughout the day, and I spent those first few days letting her sleep on my chest. I have to admit, it reminded me of when she was a little baby, and was a wonderful feeling, despite my constant feeling of worry.IMG_1721IMG_1705

Each day was a little better, and after a lot of rest, fluids and even more TLC, Shayne was back to her spunky self! While I missed the snuggles and extra love, I was more relieved than words can express. That feeling of mommy worry was finally subsiding, and we were both able to make the most of our trip.IMG_5935IMG_5862IMG_5595

There truly is nothing scarier than having a sick baby. No matter what other people say, always follow your instinct when it comes to your little ones. You will never regret overreacting.IMG_5868IMG_5657


(Terrified Mommy)