No, I am not currently pregnant. In fact, it has been over FIVE years since I was pregnant, but I remember it like it was yesterday. From the back pains to the nausea, to the weird cravings and mood swings. While pregnancy means that motherhood is just around the corner, you will still experience plenty of discomfort during the nine months. Even though you can’t eliminate the discomfort entirely, there are still plenty of solutions and ideas you can try to ease such aches and pains for a little while. Keep reading for my 7 things that made my pregnancy more comfortable.

Massage Therapy

I did this at least once per month. Who doesn’t love a massage anyway? When you’re expecting, a massage and hot water therapy can have significant benefits that will ease tired muscles to help relax you and prevent feeling sore from your neck down to your toes. 

During pregnancy, you will feel bloated and experience inflammation, especially around your feet and ankles. By getting a pregnancy massage, you can improve blood circulation to reduce the swelling and feel more at ease. You don’t even need a professional massage, so get your partner engrossed in a TV show and let them do the hard work. You’ll feel better before the credits start to roll. 

Light Exercise

I know, I know. Exercise seems like the last thing you want to do while pregnant. But, this isn’t to say you should hit the gym or run your customary 5K. Instead, a gentle stroll around the block can give you the exercise benefits that you need to feel more comfortable. 

If you don’t feel up to taking a stroll, that’s okay, too. Light stretching exercises or yoga at home will encourage blood flow throughout the body and allow you to stretch out those tight and sore muscles. You’re not expected to do much moving in the latter days of your pregnancy, so if your body isn’t used to a lack of activity, you can counteract being stationary by giving yourself a quick 15-minute routine when you wake up and before you go to bed. I did prenatal yoga and it did wonders.

Comfortable Cushions 

Cushions and pillows aren’t just useful for supporting your neck and head while you’re sleeping, nor are they only good for cuddling while getting cozy and watching TV. You can use these cushions around the house, such as watching TV or in your office chair, to provide support. 

Pillows can be a little bothersome to lug around, though. Still, a travel pillow may be ideal for providing the support you need as well as being compact enough to attach to your back or slip into a backpack, so you don’t feel like a lost festival-goer searching for their tent. As travel pillows are designed for people on the move, they are also lightweight enough so that they won’t add unnecessary weight and bulk. 

A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is something that many pregnant women miss out on, especially towards the end. It feels impossible to get comfortable, no matter which way you turn and shift and rearrange. Even worse, you feel exhausted, but no matter what you try to do, it seems like you will never get to sleep, while your partner is happily snoozing away. 

There are a few things you can do to overcome this, though. Keeping the house at a comfortable temperature that’s neither too warm nor too hot will make it easier to sleep. Likewise, warm milk can inspire drowsiness and is much better for you and the baby than a sleeping aid. Exercise and a proper diet can also contribute to feeling tired enough to fall to sleep without the aching exhaustion the next morning. 

Little Snacks

I’m sure your cravings are running roughshod all over your diet, and you feel like pigging out more often than not. However, many pregnant women have found that smaller meals and snacks throughout the day sufficiently satiate their hunger compared to waiting for three larger meals at a regular time. 

Smaller meals will also reduce the risk of heartburn and gas pains, of which there will be plenty, even if it’s not the glamorous pregnancy you were hoping for. Without these pains, you’ll feel more comfortable, and that should help you wind down for the night. 

Standing Straight

You may not have a good posture at the best of times, but when pregnant, it’s even more important to stand up straight to relieve pressure on your spine. This will also reduce the pressure on the baby and give your lungs the capacity to breathe deeply, which is useful for staying calm if you start feeling overly stressed about your pregnancy. 

It’s not just your spine that you should think about, though. Comfortable shoes will also help with posture, and if you have serious issues, a pregnancy belt can help support your stomach and make it easier to get up after sitting down for too long. 

Something Fun 

Doing something fun is a great way to take your mind off your discomfort that you will experience during pregnancy. This could include watching your favorite movies and TV to playing games with the family, and even fun baby shower games surrounded by your friends. 

Having a good time is a superb way of distracting you from any persistent pain that you’re in. While it won’t make the pain go away forever, it will give you some respite for a few hours every day. Furthermore, your brain might come to associate a specific activity with being pain-free, so this gives you something to look forward to every day. 

Happy Mama

A happy mama means a happy baby. If you want to remember your pregnancy positively, then seeking ways to feel as comfortable as possible will ensure that you are happy to do it all over again when you and your partner feel ready. From the significant to the small, don’t be afraid to admit to yourself that you need to feel more comfortable, and do what you can to enjoy your pregnancy even more while being comfortable at the same time.