39 Weeks

I am hoping that this will be my LAST pregnancy post! I had Kolton at exactly 39 weeks so this is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant and I am feeling it in every possible way! I am so exhausted and every bone, muscle and nerve in my body aches. If I could lay in bed all day at this point, I would. Unfortunately, that is not an option and I know that the more I walk and move, the more likely labor will begin, so I am trying to zone out the discomfort and keep moving. I am so glad that I got everything in order so early, because I don’t have the energy to stress about it now. I always thought that this baby girl would be here by now, but it turns out that she has other plans. She must be pretty comfortable in there I guess. She has dropped so low at this point that even sitting down is uncomfortable. I have to lay on my side to feel any relief at all. I know that soon enough this will all be a distant memory when I am holding her in my arms. Until then, I deserve to complain a little.

We have been taking some family walks in the evening. Despite the discomfort, they have been really fun. Kolton loves spending time just the three of us, and I love watching him explore. We’ve been trying to get out as much as possible until the baby comes. As long as there is a bathroom nearby and a bench I can take a break at, I will go! We had a nice day at the Los Gatos Farmer’s Market on Sunday, and finished it off with lunch and a walk through downtown.


SHIRT: Hurley// SHORTS: Gymboree// SHOES: Natives

And for a kid that doesn’t like to eat candy, he sure was mesmerized by Powell’s Sweet Shoppe! As soon as we walked in, he looked around and said, “WOW”!! It was the cutest thing. He sees candy as toys and just wants to play with everything and name all of the colors he knows.

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