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This post is sponsored by Always Eat After 7PM but the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

Always Eat After 7PM by Joel Marion is a revolutionary rule-breaking diet that lets you enjoy huge dinners, desserts, and indulgent snacks while burning fat overnight! After going through this book, I have chosen to follow this three-phase plan to lose weight, have more energy and boost my metabolism. Keep reading to learn more!

I must admit, the name of this book had me intrigued. Eating after 7pm goes against everything I have been told about dieting and losing weight so of course I had to read more! So I kept reading…

 “A research paper published in Sports Medicine in 2014 showed that people who eat the majority of their carbs at dinner actually sleep better. Carb-induced, quality sleep decreases cortisol (a fat-storing hormone) and ramps up the production of your sleep hormones, serotonin and melatonin. Restorative sleep increases fat-burning hormones—the main one being growth hormone—overnight.”

-Always Eat After 7PM

The Always Eat After 7PM by Joel Marion plan consists of: The 14-day Acceleration Phase to kick-start the program and see rapid results, The Main Phase where you’ll learn exactly which foods to eat when in order to achieve your weight-loss goals, The Lifestyle Phase to keep the weight off for good.

Check out this video from the author, Joel Marion:

I am looking forward to beginning my journey with the help of Always Eat After 7PM by Joel Marion and I am excited to share it with you! Stay tuned for future posts…

Learn more about the book and how to purchase here