Going for a family day out is a great way to spend some time together, but sometimes you want to stay in – or have to stay in. Spending a day together indoors can be just as fun as going out for the day. And it’s ideal when you don’t really feel like going anywhere. You might think that everyone will get bored at home, but there are plenty of things for everyone to do and lots of ways to keep yourself entertained. From having a pajama day to running around in the backyard, you can find things to do as a family. Here are some tips on how to nail a great family day at home!

Relax the Rules

When you’re spending the day at home, it can be nice to do things differently for the day. While you might normally expect everyone to get dressed and do something productive, there are times when it’s fine to relax the usual rules and do something different. Maybe you don’t mind if everyone spends all day in their pajamas or if everything is a little messier than it normally is. Everyone deserves a day to relax and perhaps be a bit lazy sometimes. So why not settle in and spend the day doing whatever you want without worrying about anything else?

Have Fun with Food and Snacks

When you’re at home, food can be one of the best ways to enjoy yourself. Whether you cook it yourself or you order something delicious, it can brighten up your day. A family meal or even some time cooking or baking together can help you make the most of your family time. Even if you just elevate your usual food, you can make your family day more special. Add a Wheelhouse pretzel to everyone’s breakfast or make a special dessert that you wouldn’t normally have. You can bond over food when you’re with your family.

Offer Different Activities

There is a risk that your children can get bored when they’re at home, and they probably don’t want to be forced into doing any one activity. If you’re planning a day at home, consider having a few things available to do that you can do as a family. Follow your children’s lead and let them decide. You might want to steer them away from sitting in front of the TV all day or playing video games, but there’s still plenty that you can all do for fun, whether it’s all day or only for a little while.

Use Indoors and Outdoors

If you have outdoor space that you can use at home, be sure to do things outside as well as inside. Not all kids like to be cooped up inside all day, and it can do them some good to burn off some energy. There’s a lot that you can do outdoors, whether it’s playing baseball or pitching a tent. Even if it’s cold or wet, you just need to dress appropriately for the weather.

Have fun with your family by creating a family day in that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age.

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