As the lockdown drags on and you’ve tried just about everything to keep your kids engaged and having fun, you might try switching things up this summer with a staycation. In theory, a staycation sounds great, right? All of the fun of a vacation without the stress of actually planning it.

However, staycations can get a little stale. Here are some ideas for planning an exciting one that will help you avoid the dreaded “I’m bored.” Even if you can’t travel this summer, these ideas will make you and your kids feel like you’re exploring new places. 

Travel the World With Your Stomach

You’ve probably played “restaurant” at home, but have you ever done it with food from all over the world? Use these stickers with the national dishes of countries all over the world, from fasolada in Greece to mole in Mexico. 

Then, attach the stickers to this planner and organize a whole month of trying new food and traveling the world with your stomach. (Be sure to give your little ones plenty of say as to what dishes you make as a family!) 

Travel to Outer Space for a Bit 

Or, you might try exploring the solar system on your sidewalk with chalk. First, draw the sun. Then, using a tape measure or a measuring app on your phone, draw each of the planets at the correct distance from the sun (from Mercury 1 inch away all the way to Neptune 10 feet away). 

Your chalk sidewalk model will end up being about 1.5 trillion times smaller than the actual solar system. For some added fun, draw a few space shuttles or stars in your galaxy. 

Travel Around Town … With a Friend or Two 

Gather up your stuffed animal friends and go on adventures around town. Maybe you can bring Teddy to the park with you as you play in the grass or even Mr. Elephant to the beach. Snap some photos of your cuddly friends around town and create a stuffed animal scrapbook! 

Then decorate your page and hang it up in your home as a way to remember your summer adventures. 

Staycations don’t have to be boring. Check out all of these exciting staycation ideas, and make some memories that may even be better than going on actual vacation! 

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