Have you ever considered taking a gigantic leap of faith and taking your family on an extended trip abroad? Not just a month-long trip, we’re talking at least a year minimum – a really long extended trip. This is something I have always wanted to do. So, I did some research. Here are tips to help plan an extended trip abroad with your little ones.

If you’re a family that loves to travel, you’ve probably thought about heading off abroad on an extended trip to somewhere exciting. While you might have daydreamed about it, the chances are that you never really thought about making it a reality. However; while your kids are still young, it’s the perfect time to take that leap of faith and actually take that extended trip. 

Seeing The World

A lot of us have aspirations to see more of the world, but once we become parents we often feel like we should wait until our little ones are older before we go off. However, that isn’t the case at all. More and more families are choosing to take extended trips around the world each year. As long as you choose a destination that is child-friendly, spending an extended period of time abroad can be an amazing adventure for you and your family. It can also be extremely educational for the children – after all, there are just some things you cannot learn in a classroom

Taking an extended trip with your little ones in tow can be an amazing experience. In order to have a positive time away, you need to ensure that you think carefully about each aspect of your trip. This will help you plan a trip that perfectly meets your family’s needs. To help you to do that, below is a guide to the ins and outs of taking a leap of faith and planning an extended trip abroad with little ones in tow. 

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Think about the type of trip you want to take 

When it comes to heading off and traveling for an extended period of time with kids in tow, you have two key options: to travel from place to place and see as many countries as possible or to spend an extended period of time in one or two places. You also need to think about accommodation. Children need stability and staying in hostels isn’t an ideal solution for traveling with kidd. Particularly in the long-term. 

That’s why it’s best to either opt to travel in an RV so that you can where you want, when you want, and take your accommodation with you, or to rent or buy a home, such as a house in Thailand if that’s where you’re heading to for instance, to use for the duration of your time away. You need to think about practicalities here – traveling with kids is great, but knowing where you’re sleeping each night and other key issues need to be worked out in advance. You can’t live spontaneously when you have little ones, and it’s important to understand that. 

Don’t panic about education 

The younger your little ones are, the less of an issue school will be. If they’re not even at school yet, then there’s no need to worry. If they’re under ten then catching up should be fairly straightforward. Or, if you homeschool your kids already or opt to change to homeschooling going forward, then there’s no need to panic as you control what they learn and what milestones they meet. However, whatever your plans, just make sure to notify the school or the local authority. 

While you travel, it’s a good idea to do a small amount of schoolwork each day, getting you and your children into a routine. There’s also the option of linking studies to the country or area that you’re visiting and doing mini projects on each area that you visit, tying in various subjects into each project, from maths and english to science, history and geography. That way, each mini project can also act as a keepsake for your children in relation to all of the places that they’ve been to and everything they’ve learnt. 

Your kids will get a far greater understanding of the world

The great thing about travelling with your children is that an extended trip can help to give them a better understanding of the world. There’s only so much you can learn from books and classrooms; being out in the world, seeing different cultures, hearing different languages, and immersing yourself in different history gives an understanding unlike any other. Children learn through their environment, which is why world schooling has really taken off in recent years, with many parents choosing to travel the world and world school their children as they go. 

If possible, try and meet as many local people – including children the same age as your little ones – as possible. Local people can give you a real oversight into what life in their country is really like. If you’re staying in one country for six months or more, consider enrolling your children in school there. While they may not gain the same level of education as they would of at home, they will learn a lot about the country and its culture. And they may even learn a new language. 

There you have it, a simple guide to why you should take your children on an extended trip and see more of the world. As well as tips and ideas for how you can ensure that your trip is a big success.

The thought of leaving the comfort of your home for a trip around the world might seem scary. However, an extended trip could be an incredible experience and something that you and your little ones will never forget. 

Happy Travels!