Every year, holidays and seasons become more exciting with my littles! Kolton is almost 5 and Shayne is just about 2 1/2, and they are getting into all of the fun themes and activities that go along with the changing of the seasons. Now, they are even looking forward to them. Kolton was talking about going to the pumpkin patch months ago, and has been counting down the months until October! He know all of the months of the year, and can tell you what big events happens in each of them, including friends and family’s birthdays! It is pretty amazing for a 4 year old! IMG_8127

Needless to say, October is a favorite! Between the pumpkin patches, fairs, trick-or-treating, costumes, Fall weather, and endless family activities, our kids will be sad to see this month go soon. IMG_8109IMG_8084

I have done my best to capture as many as these precious memories through photographs, blogs, crafting activities, and just storing them in my memory bank. Still, it feels like time has a way of going too fast. IMG_8117

These precious times spent with my babies are so important to their futures as well as mine. I want to remember these moments when they are going through their rebellious teen years, or don’t want to be around mom or dad (makes me want to cry to even think about it). IMG_8144

When I found this adorable jewelry company called Wickedly Mod, I fell in love with all of the beautiful engraved jewelry and fell in love with this necklace. I get to keep my babies around my neck at all times, and I will always remember the year that I got this (and how much they loved being around me at that age). IMG_8136

Wickedly Mod began by a wife and mother of two boys named Suzanne. Her story is pretty cute and most of her designs are simple and beautiful! You are able to pick the type of jewelry, the length of the chain, the material, and the writing style on each piece. IMG_8131

I know that this year still has many exciting times ahead, including a DisneyLand trip next month, Kolton’s 5th Birthday, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas, but I truly will be sad to say goodbye to October! I am hoping that next year will be as full of wonder and excitement for my growing babies! IMG_8093IMG_8081IMG_8070

At least we still have Halloween to look forward to in less than a week!