Kolton and I used to spend every hour of every day together before our beautiful Shayne arrived. Now, with Kolton in preschool 3 days/week, and much of my time being spent caring for our baby girl, it has become almost impossible for it to just be the two of us anymore. I have recently decided that since Shayne takes a bottle well, and is comfortable being with other people for short periods, I need to start making more of an effort to spend some alone time with my boy. Although we are no longer able to just hop in the car and drive to the zoo, with some careful planning, we can make a few hours of just us work.

I asked Kolton what he wanted to do with his Mommy day, and not to my surprise, he yelled “Billy Beez“! Although this is a place we go to often, it has never been just the two of us, so I was just as excited as he was!


I was able to follow him through the mazes of tunnels, and slide down the rainbow slide next to him, where usually I would have to watch him from the ground while holding his baby sister in my arms. Today, it was all about him, and he definitely LOVED every minute of it!

IMG_4595 IMG_4606 IMG_4608 IMG_4613 IMG_4627

While I had to occasionally check my phone to make sure everything was okay with Shayne, I tried not to let him notice. We both worked up quite a sweat, and shared so many laughs together.

As soon as I could tell he was pretty beat, we walked through the mall to the food court so he could eat the lunch I packed and I could order some food for myself.


By the time lunch was over, I could see him getting ready to crash, so we headed home to find Shayne safe and sound. Kolton took a long nap, and I actually had a few extra minutes to write this post!!

I am going to try to make this a more regular occasion for my special boy. He is at such a fun age, and I don’t want to miss a beat! It is very important that he knows how much I still love him even though much of my time is spent with his baby sister right now. We are all still adjusting to having a second baby, and I know that this will only get easier and more exciting!