We recently moved, and while my stress level has hit the roof with all of these changes, I have really enjoyed the decorating part. I am always looking for fun, unique new pieces for Kolton and Shayne’s bedrooms in particular. I want them to love their rooms and feel comfortable, especially in the midst of all of the changes going on. After all, if they like their bedrooms, they are more likely to sleep well in them (at least that is what I’m hoping). IMG_4208.jpg

Shayne is my little animal lover by far. She wants to touch and kiss and snuggle with anything that is not human. We have to be very careful sometimes, since not all animals are friendly with curious toddlers. She is unbiased when it comes to animals, and seems to love them all equally and without restraint. She is surprisingly gentle and just wants to touch and kiss them. She even asks me if she can pet the dirty pigeon sitting on the dumpster. Her recent encounter with the Easter Bunny filled her with more joy than I could have imagined. A giant bunny that would hug her back!

So for her bedroom, I really wanted to incorporate  her love for animals into how I decorated. In addition to having the usual fluffy stuffed animals she loves so much, we found this adorable new company, Magnolia Rex Art, who makes the most creative canvases from their own children’s art! Read their story HERE!


In addition to canvases, they put these creative pieces on t-shirts for all ages, tote bags, pillows and coffee cups. The best part is that this is a fun way to support the different wildlife organizations, since a portion of each sale goest there! We are teaching our children to love their planet, and care for the animals who live here, so this is a wonderful way to show them how we can all help.

Shayne loves her baby elephant canvas in her bedroom, and Kenzie and Piper love seeing their jellyfish canvas in their bathroom!5cfb3f68-a979-4463-8e28-bbe5bf6c3569img_1113

There is a room for every piece, and a  little one who will love it.


Magnolia Rex Art has partnered with us to host a GIVEAWAY! One lucky winner will receive a canvas print of their choice from Magnolia Rex Art! For an entry, comment below about you or your child’s favorite animal and why. Head over to our Instagram for another chance to enter!