I love the month of February! It is all about love, and what can be better than that?


With this being Kolton’s first year of school, this will also be his very first time exchanging Valentines with his classmates. Of course I wanted to make it extra special! What better way to do that than to make our own Valentine’s Day gift bags for him to hand out to his classmates and teachers?



I already knew that we would have to make 20 gift bags for his class, so I went on a mission to find fun, and three year old friendly Valentine’s Day items. First, I found some really cute little heart bags with ties, and then the first item we chose to fill them with was our YumEarth Organic Gummy Bears! We love these because they are made from all natural ingredients with no synthetic dyes or high fructose syrup. I am sure the other parents will appreciate this as well. Then I found a few other little treats and some temporary tattoos to add for fun. I cut some red hearts out of construction paper and punched a hole in each one in order to secure them to our gift bags with Kolton’s name on them. Of course we wanted everyone to know who they were from.


Kolton was so excited to pass out these adorable gifts to his friends. He loves his school and talks about his classmates everyday.


I also had so much fun preparing gift bags for Kolton, Shayne and Curtis. There is nothing better than putting a smile on the faces of the ones you love the most in this world!


Check out last year’s Valentine’s Day art project HERE. Happy Valentine’s Day!!