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Road trips with little ones is always an endeavor. From the packing of clothes, activities, supplies and travel necessities, to finding ways to meet their needs during the drive itself, it all adds up to a headache just for a good time away from home. Luckily, this day in age, we are able to provide driving distractions with music, movies and games through modern technology. However; we all end up singing along to the most current Disney soundtrack. IMG_0143-2.jpg

When we found Riwbox wireless headphones, we knew we hit the jackpot! We are able to listen to our own music while the littles watch and listen to their movie while wearing headphones without the cords to get in the way! Seriously? Where were these when we were young? I remember being forced to share a gameboy or playing games like “I spy” while my parents were talking over us or listening to AM radio. Our 4 hour road trips seemed to last for days. IMG_0163

Not only are Kolton and Shayne able to enjoy their drive, but we are as well…in silence!! These headphones have lots of padding, so they don’t irritate small ears, and they work GREAT!! We can play their soundtracks on one phone, and listen to our music on the other. It is a serious WIN, WIN! They even fold up and are easy to store. IMG_0180IMG_0179

Listening to them giggle and sing along to their favorite songs is the best sound in the world. They are easy to pair to any bluetooth device and they even light up! It is also nice to have the option to use the cord, since our car DVD player requires one. IMG_0177

We are looking forward to using these headphones during our upcoming road trip to DisneyLand next month! I already know they will be a lifesaver!


Thank you Riwbox for making our long voyages much more enjoyable!

Happy Traveling,