Hunting Easter eggs has been one of Kolton’s favorite activities for as long as he has been able to hold those eggs in his little hands. Since Kolton and Piper were one, Ali and I have sought after the best and most toddler friendly Easter eggs hunts in our area. The location that has remained our favorite is still at Almaden Lake Park in Almaden (Check out last year’s Easter egg hunt at Almaden Lake Park HERE).IMG_8701


We are really looking forward to next year with Shayne in the youngest age group! It will be so cute to see her toddling around and grabbing for the eggs, just as Kolton did his first year just two short years ago.IMG_8705

This year was actually the best year yet! This particular venue is getting more and more popular every year, but unlike some of the other Easter egg hunts, it does not seem to get overcrowded due to the way it is organized. We remembered to book our spot online ahead of time, which was good, because they filled up and stopped allowing new participants to each time slot so the little ones would still be able to come home with a fare share of eggs. I really like how they separate by ages and times. This way if you have multiple kids participating, you don’t have to worry about them going at the same time. Each group is given 30 minutes, but it really only takes about 15 for all of the eggs to be found, giving the children extra time so they don’t feel rushed off of the grass area.IMG_8667IMG_8655


Since Kolton is now three, he was in the age group of 3-5 year olds. Being the youngest in his age group was a little different for him this year. The big difference was that parents were not allowed on the grass right when the egg hunt began. Kolton did not understand this and was a little taken back at first. It was a little heart-breaking because he was trying to drag me on the grass with him, and in the meantime, the other kids were getting all of the eggs. To my surprise, one of the volunteers came right over and started helping him. She even had some extra eggs in her hand and dropped them on the ground for Kolton to get. I thought that was the absolute sweetest thing! Then she walked with him and helped him find more eggs until the parents were allowed to go out on the grass to help the little ones. I am so thankful for the wonderful service they provided for my little boy. It really made his experience so much better and gave me such a wonderful impression!  


As soon as we were finished with our Easter egg hunt, we decided to sit on a bench near the lake in the shade. Even with all of the people there, we were still able to find plenty of spots to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful day. Kolton opened each egg and loved seeing what kind of prizes and candies he got. 

We walked around to see all of the adorable and complimentary arts and crafts they had at the park. I don’t remember seeing them in past years, and it was so wonderful. Kolton was able to even make a bunny out of a paper cup and pipe cleaners with some assistance. It was so nice to see all of the volunteers there so willing to help the little ones. They were so nice and patient and made the day so much more enjoyable.IMG_8695IMG_8688IMG_8698


We walked around and checked out the booths that were available. They were all very kid friendly and had some fun activities for Kolton to try. He was having the best time ever!IMG_8670


Shayne even found a new friend! I have rarely seen her laugh as hard has she did with this pink puppet! She could not get enough of it!



I was once again so impressed by this venue and the organization of this particular event! We will continue to sign up for this Easter egg hunt for years to come!