Who has time to iron anymore? If you can make the time with two toddlers, school, and and a home to maintain, please give me some pointers! Believe it or not, I actually used to enjoy it. I have a bit of OCD in me, and like to have things very meticulous and perfect. Now, I have had to let that part of my life go and worry about the things that truly matter…my family. I still however do not like to put on a wrinkly shirt or pants, but quick and efficient is the name of the game.


When I discovered this awesome JetSteam portable steamer from Mill Creek Brands, I had to give it a try! The fact that I can keep it under my bathroom sink, plug it in and steam out any wrinkles within minutes is what got me hooked! I was even able to take this mini steamer with me on my recent trip to Tucson! Since I wore a dress to my Godson’s baptism, pulling this steamer out and de-wrinkling my dress after being packed in my suitcase, couldn’t have gone any smoother. It is so easy to use, clean and store and the instructions are foolproof!


I recently tested this out on my silk blouse that had some very stubborn wrinkles. In fact, I haven’t worn it until now due to these wrinkles.


I was so pleasantly surprised that they came out and also protected the delicacy of my blouse!


Next, I tried on one of Shayne’s blouses since I was having so much fun with it. It came out looking brand new and pristine. Since I am sure she will soon be spilling something on it, it is nice to have an easy way to have it ready to wear after washing it.


I am excited to pull out some more of my wrinkled tops and dresses that I can reintroduce to my wardrobe! This will also work great for my husband’s collard shirts and slacks. It is super easy for any mom on the go!

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Happy Steaming,