Selecting a preschool for my son is not something that I took lightly. In the area that we live in, there are many different options, so I wanted to find a preschool that would be a good fit for Kolton and for us as parents. A little over a year ago is when I began my search. I didn’t realize that most of the schools that we were interested had a long waitlist and were very pricey. I probably toured around 6 or 7 different schools and took notes on each one. Some were not what we were looking for and one exceeded our expectations. Of course this one had the longest waitlist. I decided to put us on it anyway just incase, since at the time we weren’t planning on enrolling Kolton for at least another year.

In the meantime, I found a spot at another school and was just getting ready to finish up the paperwork. I decided to give our first choice one more call to see if they were going to have anything for the fall semester. To my surprise, they were just starting to go through their waitlist, and invited us over for a tour!

The moment I toured the school, I knew it was a perfect fit for Kolton! The outside play area was very big and equipped with swings, slides, a sandbox, and even a garden for the little ones to learn to grow vegetables. The classrooms were very spacious, compared to some of the schools we toured, and had a lot of toys for learning and playing. I was immediately sold on this school!

We were encouraged to enroll Kolton in a few days of morning summer camp to get him adjusted to the school itself so he would already be comfortable with the teachers and the setting in the fall. We did this, and it really paid off! He loved it!

Today was his first official day of preschool! He is 2 years and 9 months old and right on track for two years of preschool and one year of pre-k before he starts kindergarten. I think starting him at this age is right for him to help him with socialization and give him a push in the right direction with his verbal communication skills.

Today was definitely bittersweet. Watching my now big boy walk into his classroom with his adorable outfit and new haircut made me so proud but also a little emotional. I cannot believe how quickly he has grown!

I am dying to hear about all of the new friends he has made and how his first day went!