We recently decided to enroll Kolton is swim class an extra day, so he now goes Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will probably only be temporary, but we feel it is important to get him in the water as much as possible if we want him ready for summer. He has had absolutely no objections to this and loves going. He would go everyday if he could. He loves swimming with other kids his age and really likes his instructors. The classes are short, so he does not get too tired out, and we are close enough to walk there, so it has really been working out.

His comfort level in the pool is getting better every week. At his last practice, he went all the way underwater and kicked his feet for 10 seconds! I was worried that he would come up anxious or scared, but he popped up smiling! I was so incredibly proud of him. Soon, we will need to get him some goggles to wear underwater, hoping that he wears them.


He loves our walks to swim class, and loves to carry his new wet/dry bag in the Apollo print from Bebe Au Lait. It is the perfect size for him to carry himself and has just enough room for me to pack his necessities.


There are two compartments, one for wet items and one for dry items. I am able to pack his swim suit in one after it has been used, and still keep his dry clothes dry! there is even room for sunscreen if we go to the outdoor pool, and a sun hat. It has been very convenient for our pool trips. We look forward to taking it to the beach very soon as well.

We are having so much fun documenting Kolton’s journey to swim on his own! We love to go as a family when we can, and let Shayne watch her big brother in the pool. She will be next, and we want her to see how much he loves it!


Thank you Bebe Au Lait for helping to make this post possible!