Cupcake decorating is becoming a favorite pastime in our house. It is something that we can do for any event or holiday and there is something about toddlers and sprinkles! Cupcakes are so easy to make and decorating them brings out everyone’s inner creative side. In the spirit of Halloween, we had a few close friends over for some pizza and cupcake decorating.

This time, I just bought store made cake mix so I just had to add oil, water and eggs. We decorated them with orange colored frosting and let the kids go wild with our fun and festive sprinkles that I found at Michael’s. From edible gravestones, to butcher knives to jack-o-lanterns; Michael’s had it all.


The cleanup wasn’t bad and the cupcakes were delicious! This is going to be a fun staple for every holiday, big and small.


Happy Halloween!