Shayne is already 4 months old, and she becomes sweeter and more beautiful every day! She is currently 12 lbs 13.5 ounces and just over 2 feet tall!


She loves grabbing her toys and sucking on her bottom lip. She is really strong and already wants to practice sitting up and even standing, assisted of course. She loves to try to join in most conversations and even tries singing along with me.

She rolled from front to back three times at 9 weeks old but has not done it since. She is very close though and can scoot all around her crib on her back. IMG_4636

She has just recently started giggling, which must be the most beautiful sound in the world, and has become very confident in her newest toe grabbing! She found them and holds onto them at every chance she gets, which makes diaper changes a little longer than before, but so worth it!




I have been doing a baby swim class with her, and like most things, she loves it! She has even been fully submerged under water and came out without a tear. We did the same class with Kolton at this age, and the results were much different with him. We have also been attending a mama/baby yoga class when we have the time. She smiles at me the entire class and I am able to get a good stretch in as well. It has been a great bonding experience for both of us.

She is very mild tempered and very trusting with me. She gazes at me as if I am the most important being in the world, and it makes me feel so special. She loves bath time, takes a bottle well, loves long naps and snuggles, and has gotten much better with being in the car. We have been going through a mild sleep regression, which her pediatrician thinks is because she is so eager to move and roll around. This has been a little tough on me, but waking up to her smiling face and beautiful giggles makes it all okay. I am just hoping she will get back on track with her sleep soon becuase I know it will eventually start to wear on me.

I don’t think our little Shayne wants to be a baby for long, so I am cherishing every moment we spend cuddling and talking to each other. She loves kisses and belly rubs, and pretty much all forms of affection from Mommy. I love her more than words can describe.