I am so incredibly grateful to my friends and family for being a part of this special day, in particular, the hosts, my very close friends Becky and Alia and my sister in law, Sydney. The theme that was chosen was ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’. I thought this was adorable and would tie in very well to our nursery.


I had requested to keep the colors more in the lavender and white color scheme since I prefer this over the traditional pink. The decorations were so beautiful and on point! From the purple candy bar and desserts to the diaper cake and floral arrangements. I was so impressed and honored to have such special people in my life! I am still getting used to the idea of having a GIRL! All I have known until now is boy related, so this has been quite an adjustment for myself and my husband. Seeing all of the feminine decorations and receiving baby girl clothes really made it more of a reality to me!

IMG_1779     IMG_1809 IMG_1803 IMG_1796


My sister even flew in from Phoenix as a last minute surprise to be there on this very special occasion.



We all participated in the usual, cute shower activities, including yummy food, games and the opening of adorable baby gifts.

IMG_1865It was a beautiful day, one which I will always remember and cherish. I was able to save some souvenirs for our baby girl’s baby book so she will always know how loved she is.

With my wonderful mother-in-law


Myself, Sara and Alia. All pregnant within days of each other!


Nicole, Melissa, myself, Sydney and Melissa