34 Weeks   Baby girl is almost 5 pounds and about 17.7 inches long! This is really unbelievable to think that if she were to be born now, she would require very little medical attention and would almost be the same size that Kolton was at 39 weeks. He was only 6 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches long at birth. At this point, her immune system is no longer relying on the antibodies from the placenta, which will protect her at birth and for the rest of her life. Also, her digestive system is fully working by itself! I am just dying to meet her and snuggle her. Although this pregnancy has seemed like forever, looking at how much she has grown in only 34 weeks really puts the time frame into perspective. She has gone from a teeny tiny grain of rice to a large cantaloup, and is still growing! We are checking more and more items off of our lists as the days go by. I want to be prepared just incase I go into labor early. This experience will be brand new to me since I did not experience labor with Kolton. We just want to be prepared for anything. The nursery is 95% complete and is definitely livable if we were to bring her home now. We have pulled out Kolton’s infant car seat and are ready to install it. The swing is ready to go and we are in the process of completing our hospital bag checklists. I may be a little neurotic when it comes to organization (I am a Capricorn after all), but in these situations, it really pays off.   xoxo Danielle