As much as I love seeing the flowers in bloom and knowing that our summer vacations are right around the corner, all of the preparations that go into a new season, in particular a season with a lot of activity, can be overwhelming. When Spring rolls in, I like to de-clutter and also stock up! Out with the old and in with the new, right? IMG_3910-2

Since Spring is a time for hosting in our house, I like to keep things clean and stocked. Here are a few tips for a successful Spring:

  • CLEAN LINENS AND BEDDING: This is a big one with allergy season! I wash sheets regularly, but tend to overlook the comforters, decorative pillow cases, curtains, couch cushions (if possible), etc. The beginning of Spring is a perfect time to get this all done!
  • CABINETS: De-clutter the inside of cabinets. Things accumulate in our house so quickly, and throwing out half empty bottles of lotions that have not been touched in a year feels extremely liberating.
  • DUSTING: Not just the shelves, but the ceiling fans and chandeliers! These are often overlooked since you cannot really see the dust, but just think about all of that stuff that floating around the living room when you turn them on!
  • STOCKING UP: I am a huge believer in having a fully stocked bathroom!! There is nothing worse than having company over and one of your bathrooms is out of toilet paper! That is not only embarrassing for the guest who has to ask for it, but for the host or hostess as well! My personal favorite toilet paper is and always has been Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch which I purchase from Amazon and right now you can get $3 OFF with promo code: 3MEGACHARMIN at checkout, in addition to a $2 off coupon (also at checkout) for a total savings of $5!
  • CLEAN OUT THE GARAGE: This is a huge and much needed task in our home! We like to move everything out, sweep and reorganize while we put everything back in. During this time, we end up finding so many things that we can sell or donate. This makes much more room for our bikes, wagons, and sports equipment.
  • DUMPING, DONATING & GARAGE SALE BINS: This is my favorite way to de-clutter. But going through the kids toys, old tools, electronics, clothes, etc. takes a lot of work. Doing one room at a time and starting a bin for dumping, donating and selling is a good place to start.
  • GARAGE SALE: This takes some planning in order to be successful. The garage sale bins that you have from the above tip will make this much easier. Just think about all of the money you can make for you upcoming vacation! We will be using ours for another trip to DisneyLand!! 

I hope some of these tips help you to get organized for Spring! I know there is a lot more to do, but you have to start somewhere. Once I get these items knocked off my list, I am already feeling super productive and ready for the next task!

Reasons to head to AMAZON and stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch this Spring: IMG_3920-2

Happy Spring!!



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