35 Weeks

DRESS: Tart// NECKLACE: Nordstrom

Photo by: Jaime Hayes

Baby girl weighs about 5 1/2 pounds this week and is over 18 inches long. My body is definitely feeling more and more ready every day. My back and legs are constantly aching, and it is getting much harder to get around. I don’t remember feeling this uncomfortable while I was carrying Kolton, but that may be my selective memory kicking in again.

Week 35 was a tough one for our family. To start the week, Kolton caught a stomach flu bug, and to end the week, it was passed on to me! Being this far along in my pregnancy and not being able to keep down any food was a little scary and incredibly uncomfortable, but luckily we all got through it. My sister came to town to help me get ready for the baby’s arrival, but instead of having fun and nesting, she was forced to help me with Kolton while I tried to get better. It was definitely a blessing having her here during our time of need, but also a little disappointing that I was not able to enjoy her company more. Fortunately, it was short-lived for Kolton, and he was back to himself after a few days. For myself on the other hand, it took a bit longer. With my weakened immune-system due to my pregnancy, it has been a bit harder for me to get back on track.

We are looking forward to my 36 week ultrasound next week to see the baby’s position and get our birth plan in order. This pregnancy seems to have been never-ending up until these past few weeks. Now it feels like it is coming too quickly and we just can’t get prepared fast enough. Being under the weather on top of everything else probably hasn’t helped our situation, but we will get there.