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My Little Punk Princess

With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing, the weekends are always full of curiosity, wonder and outdoor activities! We love keeping Kolton and Shayne active and the weekends are the best time to enjoy the sunshine as a family. My husband loves to skateboard! He has been skating for as long as I have …


Layering Up with The Blueberry Hill

Living in the Bay Area, the weather can be a bit unpredictable at times. While, almost year round, it is sunshine and blue skies, we get those random chilly and rainy days in the middle of May. Us spoiled Californians get confused, and don’t know what to do or wear! It’s all about layering up …


Danielle’s Maternity Photoshoot

We are so lucky to have a close friend like Jaime Hayes to take such beautiful and memorable photos to capture our family’s most important milestones! She has been taking our photos for years, since I was pregnant with Kolton, and has always helped us to document important life events with her gorgeous images. This …


Mother and Son Park Day

Fridays are usually special for Kolton and I. It is the one day of the week that is solely dedicated to mom and son time. I don’t usually plan much and we try not to be in any hurry to get anywhere. I clear the day of errands and most hustle and bustle when possible, …