Every couple of months (or whenever I am able to get around to it), I am trying to make it a point to have a special day with my growing boy. I cannot believe he will be THREE at the end of this month and I don’t want to miss a moment with him. He is at such a fun age, and I often get jealous that Curtis gets to spend so much one on one time with him.


I decided to schedule another special day with Kolton and Mommy.

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Even though this particular day happened to be a beautiful, sunny day, most of our outdoor adventures were becoming limited since many amusement parks and zoos were beginning to have their winter hours, which means closed during the weekdays. This was a bummer since I REALLY wanted to take him to Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. Luckily I had looked online and saw that they were closed rather than driving down there and finding out the hard way. This gave me a little time to come up with something FUN! Of course there are a million free things to do in our area, but since this was going to be a special day with just the two of us, I wanted to splurge a little.

I decided to take Kolton to The Children’s Discovery Museum! We had been there a few times a LONG time ago, but he didn’t remember it. Now that he is a such a fun age, I knew he would really be able to appreciate it! It ended up being so much fun for both of us! I always love being able to dedicate all of my time and attention to him, and I know he loves it also!


As soon as we arrived the first thing he saw was this large funnel type object that you could toss tokens in and they would spin around and around until they hit the bottom. I was afraid we were going to spend our entire day here since he was so mesmerized.


Luckily, once he spotted the Rainbow Market, he was able to move on. Kolton loves playing with pretend food. He enjoys naming the foods he knows and asking the names of the ones he isn’t yet familiar with. I just love the educational aspect of it.

Next, we went upstairs to the art room. Some of the projects were a little old for Kolton, but he had a great time coloring.


Our favorite place was the Wonder Cabinet. It is a room designed especially for children under 4 years old. There are several different sections of this room, including a music area, a place under the stairs for children to explore different sounds, an area to build, an area for science experiments, an art studio and much more.


After climbing, exploring, counting and making some beautiful music, we went into the art studio, which was set up just for his age group. The project that they had going that day was making shapes on contact paper with colored sand. It was a really cute and fun project that we got to take home. The best part for me was I didn’t have to clean up all of the colored sand when he was finished making a mess!

Once we were finished upstairs at the Wonder Cabinet, we went downstairs for some lunch. I always prefer packing our lunches since Kolton is super picky and it saves us a little money. We enjoyed our lunches while Kolton looked around and named all of the fun objects he knew. There was so much to look at even while sitting at the cafe tables.

After lunch, Kolton ran around for a bit longer, and we made our way outside to see the garden. In the past when we have been here, the garden was closed since it was a rainy day, so this was a nice treat.

He explored, played games and got to check out all of the plants.


At this point, I could tell that Kolton was getting pretty tired. I gave him a warning that we were going to be leaving soon. This gave him just enough time to run around checking out everything he could before we had to go. He ran into the Mammoth museum area pushing buttons and doing whatever he could to delay our departure.


It was finally time to go. I had promised he could pick out a toy form the gift shop (within reason). I wanted him to have a little something to remind him of our fun day together.


He chose a musical egg and even wanted to get one for his baby sister. I thought that was so sweet of him. IMG_5803

I am so proud of the little boy he is turning into, and really value theses special days we get to spend together. This is also a great place to take Shayne next time, since babies under one are free, but I am so glad we got the opportunity to do this just the two of us.


I am really looking forward to our next adventure together!




Kolton’s Shirt: Adidas||Pants: Old Navy||Shoes: Vans||Hat: Gymboree                    Danielle’s Top: JCrew||Pants: Vicosse||Shoes: Converse