28 weeks

BABY SIZE: About 14.8 inches long and 2.22 pounds.

HOW I’M FEELING: I am feeling very tired. I think it’s a mixture of the extra weight and the back pains. It has been getting really difficult to sleep through the night. Between always trying to get comfortable, getting up a lot to go to the bathroom, and my crazy dreams, sleep has not been my friend lately. When something falls on the ground these days I have to take a minute to decide whether or not it is really worth bending down to pick up, or if it can wait. Although her kicks and movements are getting more and more sharp and painful, feeling her grow and move around brings me a lot of joy and solace. I have started seeing a new chiropractor and have increased my weekly visits to help with the pain and discomfort. So far my body is still adjusting to the new treatments, but I see some relief in the near future. My pregnancy brain has really kicked in lately. I have to write down EVERYTHING, or I won’t remember what I was doing. With so many things to do still, forgetfulness is incredibly inconvenient.

NEWS THIS WEEK: Her little body is getting chubbier by the day. Her muscles are developing some tone as well. She now has a 95% chance of survival if born now! Her lungs are better prepared to breathe, but would still need medical assistance.

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PONCHO: Free People//LEGGINGS: Motherhood//BOOTS: Uggs

Kolton: T-SHIRT: Sovereign Code//UNDERSHIRT: H&M//JEANS: Crazy 8//SHOES: Vans

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