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If you have been following my blog and socials for a while, you may have noticed that we LOVE to create! Whether it be art, school projects, parties, recipes, home décor, personalized gifts, or just simply as a way to pass some free time at home, getting our hands (and floors) dirty is the best way for us to bond and make memories. I have been working to instill this into my children as a way of allowing them to express themselves creatively AND as a way for them to learn to follow written instructions.

Scholastic Klutz:

I have been a big supporter of Scholastic Book Clubs since Kolton started kindergarten. I love what they do for the school and I really enjoy the selection of books available for each grade level and my kids’ individual interests. So, when I received this adorable kit from Klutz, which is a subsidiary of Scholastic, and since March is Craft Month, I knew we would have so much fun bonding, learning and creating! The kit we received is the Tiny Ceramic Studio from Klutz. Keep reading to learn about our experience.

Growing up, Ceramics class was my favorite elective. I loved it so much that I continued on to Advanced Ceramics and then Mixed Media, which was a ceramics/woodshop combination class. So, I was thrilled to share a form of my experiences with Kolton and Shayne in a way that they could easily follow along.

Klutz Tiny Ceramic Studio Kit:

This kit allows you and your little ones to make little bowls with big style! You will receive an entire pottery workshop inside this kit, including the wheel! It is easy to learn hand-building techniques with the air-drying clay. Then they can be painted with vivid colors, and glazed to get that artisanal finish!

In this kit, Klutz provides crystal clear instructions that support independent crafting, which is perfect while we’re at home.

I like that I don’t have to hover over the kids, showing them step-by-step how to create. I can set them up, and watch the creative juices flow.

Step 1:

First, we roll and mold the air-dry clay into 3D shapes, such as bowls, miniature vases and pots. The included tools and wheel make it easy to for the shapes the kids chose with little frustration. Then, we let the clay dry for 1-2 days.

Step 2:

When the clay is completely dry, we are ready to paint! This kit includes a set of beautiful and vibrant colors and a paintbrush. I pulled out some extra colors and brushes from my stash so we could all work at once.

Step 3:

When the painting part was complete, the paint dried fairly quickly. Then it is time to add the glaze. I remember glazing my pieces in ceramics class, and I just loved how shiny my work would turn out after it came out of the kiln. This provided glaze gives our miniature pieces a similar look and feel in a much shorter time frame.

The Final Product:

Now our work is done, with little mess to clean up.

These pieces are perfect for tea parties, dolls, and just to display. As a mom, I love to date their artwork and keep it forever. I would love for this to become a tradition as the kids grow so we can document just how their creativity progresses over the years.

After this fun experience, I am looking forward to trying out some other kits from Klutz, including:



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