When I received the news that our school district is undoubtedly going to be doing distance learning for at least the first trimester, I felt like my head was going to explode! While I was not surprised by this news and had infact already anticipated it, reading the email made it REAL! Kolton finished his first grade year with distance learning and it was a mess! He did it (well WE did it) but it was far from easy. Now, Kolton will be going into 2nd grade and Shayne will be starting KINDERGARTEN!! How do you virtually learn at FIVE?? Well, we are about to find out. Organization is something that keeps me sane so as soon as I got the news, I got to work.

I don’t know how distance learning is going to go for us, but like with anything new and unexpected, being prepared cannot be a bad thing, right? Also, I handle stress with projects so this at-home-classroom has been my latest. I would love to hear thoughts and opinions on our distance learning classroom.

Our Distance Learning Classroom

I turned our front room into a mini-classroom after getting a lot of advice from REAL homeschool mamas on Pinterest and other blogs. I chose to brighten it up by keeping the new desks and other furniture in the white theme. This might be a disaster later on, but I kept the budget down and purchased a lot of Magic Erasers (a parenting must-have).

Both of my new students have their own desks and chairs with a desk separating them. This is most likely where I will be and/or where they will be individually for Zoom calls or other online assignments. Even though the school is providing Chromebooks, it is always important to have a back-up.

Personalizing their desks is important for them to know where their individual workspace is. We are working on some small craft projects with my Cricut to personalize them even more which I will be posting soon.

I also purchased a table from IKEA that they can use for assignments where their desks just are not big enough. This is also a fun spot to do crafts and other art assignments. I also thought the couch in the back is important for reading and taking other mental breaks. (I’m sure I personally will be using it when I can).

I hope this was helpful to those looking for ideas on how to keep children engaged and comfortable. This will be an interesting year and we are all in it together.

Did you create a special place for your child to distance learn?

Be safe!

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