I tend to over-plan and over-organize often. With so many things on my plate constantly, sometimes the good times end up feeling like a chore that I am rushing through to get to the next task. I have to actually plan to not plan! Ironic…right? IMG_1781

Yesterday we decided to play hooky from everything and packed up the car and drove to Monterey. It is only about an hour away and so full of beauty. Shayne napped the whole way there and Kolton played ‘I Spy’ with us on the road. Since it is quite old right now, we brought lots of layers and lots of snacks.

We stopped at our new favorite park Dennis the Menace Park! It seriously has everything you want in a park for every age! I must admit, as an mom, I have probably been down more slides than I could have in my entire childhood. IMG_1763

After going down every slide, swinging on every swing, climbing the climbing wall, running across the bridge 300 times and playing in the sand, it was time to eat! IMG_1783

We went to the pier and which has a cute shop, crab shack or candy store at every bend. The kids were mesmerized! We finally selected a spot that gave us the best window seat in the house. We saw sea otters, seals and seagulls while we enjoyed cioppino, clam chowder and crab stuffed sea bass.

After our early dinner, we let the kids select a candy store to raid and let them pick out a few candies. Their eyes lit up as they ran through the aisles naming every candy they knew and asking about the ones they had never seen. IMG_1798


By the end of the day, these two were so exhausted. We packed up the car, turned on a DVD for them and drove home. The traffic was light and the car was quiet. They put their headphones on and watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ while we listened to music and discussed our next mini adventure. It was a good day!



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