Back to school is approaching and I am finally realizing that Kolton will be in TK (Transitional Kindergarten) ! While it is not quite kindergarten, he will still be in Elementary School and will be attending 5 days per week! This is a HUGE milestone for him and for ME! With so many thoughts racing through my head right now, I am doing my best to make as many memories as possible with him while he still wants to spend every day with me! It is crazy how quickly time flies these days.IMG_5636

We recently got back from South Lake Tahoe, where Kolton had more fun in one week than I have seen him have in a long time! He swam in the lake and in the pool for pretty much the entire trip! He also rode the Gondola with us, spent numerous hours at the arcade and even was able to touch some snow! That’s right…SNOW in July!! It was a very memorable trip with family! One that I don’t think he will forget! It was a great way to prepare for a new school with new friends and new teachers.
Kolton is such a fun and happy 4.5 year old and I value every moment we get to spend together (even the tougher ones). These days, with our busy schedules, it gets harder and harder to spend that special one-on-one time, so we have to get creative. We usually find time when Shayne is napping. During this time, we play board games, work on his preschool workbooks, play in the backyard, or just talk about his favorite things. His favorite snack is Goldfish® Crackers. He likes all flavors, especially Goldfish® Colors and Goldfish® Flavor Blasted. I even find myself leaving a bowl out for him for when he gets home from summer camp. Since Goldfish® crackers contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, it is a snack I can feel good about serving him!
Aside from our many mini-vacations, our favorite ways to spend these last days before school starts include, lots of swimming, music in the park and bike rides to the playground.
Kolton loves making memories with me, and I cherish them as well. These young years go by way too quickly to not take the time to sit back and enjoy them, at least every once in awhile. We should all figure out special ways to spend time with our little ones with back to school approaching so quickly. For some really fun ideas, visit the Goldfish® social media channels for some fun ideas here:



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