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Keeping kids home has its challenges. And during these difficult times, we are all trying to figure it out as we go. While I have not been bored for a moment during these past couple of months of staying home (being bored sounds amazing actually), my 7 and 4 year old have complained about it too often. I usually tell them to read a book or color me a picture, but I have found myself running out of ideas. So I collected some fun items to keep my kids; and hopefully yours too; busy for a while longer. Here are some of my favorite boredom busters for keeping kids at home that will actually help them to learn and grow.

Boredom Busters:

1. Disney Hits by Disney Music

“Alexa, play Disney Hits”

All your favorite Disney music, including songs you grew up singing along to and the latest instant classics. Disney Hits is the happiest playlist on earth! We have Alexa and Google Home and this playlist is available on all streaming platforms. You will be dancing and singing to your favorite Disney songs in no time. You can voice activate with Alexa using your Amazon Prime/Music Unlimited Account, as well as Spotify and Apple Music!

First download the Disney Hits Playlist HERE

Then download FREE Activity Sheets HERE to use while listening to Disney Hits!

2. Feeling Through Colors Activity from
Action For Healthy Kids (Nonprofit)

Children are experiencing a wide range of emotions right now. Using art and colors in projects with them at home can help kids recognize, identify and label their feelings, which supports their social emotional health and well-being.

After checking out the resources from Feeling Through Colors Activity from
Action For Healthy Kids, you can:

Click HERE for the library of Game-On At-Home activities from Action For Healthy Kids!

3. BOOK: A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky: The
Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations–and How You Can Find Them in the Sky

This astronomy for kids book is full of STEM activities for kids for the young astronauts. Each copy includes a star finder wheel and glow-in-the-dark stickers, extending the exploration experience beyond the covers.

This book also includes vocabulary-building, activity ideas throughout, thumbnail bios on key figures, and a look at constellations, the stories they inspire, and more.

4. Magic Sketch™ from Boogie Board

What’s my favorite thing about the Magic Sketch™ from Boogie Board? It’s mess-free!! Unlike pens, crayons, paints, whiteboards or markers, there’s no mess to clean up!

Kids can write, doodle, and trace in vivid rainbow colors. It writes electronically and erases at the touch of a button. Doodle and trace over 18 game, activity, and art templates.

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5. The Feel Better Box from Open The Joy

Open the Joy has curated the first ever “Feel Better Collection” to combat those boredom blues!

Our box contains 100+ Boredom Busters to help keep kids occupied with a variety of activities including
clay, magic tricks, “would you rather” questions, oragami, painting and so much more!

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6. Smart Farmer from SmartGames

For ages 4 and up, this game was fun for all of us! You play by arranging the puzzle pieces (fences) on the gameboard so that each animal type has a closed off space. In later challenges, each space must also include
a water trough! There are 60 challenges, each with only one correct answer, so this was challenging even for myself!

I love that this game helps with skill-building through planning, problem-solving and spatial insight. The soft animal figurines are easy for small hands to hold and Smart Farmer is a great introduction the the many other games from SmartGames.

Learn how to play HERE.

7. Jump In’ from SmartGames

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8. LeapFrog® LeapStart® 3D Learning System:

Shayne has been so excited about learning with the 3D-like animations that magically bring the activities she is playing to life. I love how the touch and talk activities enhance learning with interactive animations and help her build math, reading, problem- solving skills and more! The LeapStart library covers several preschool through first grade subjects with 30+ activities in every book!

Note: A computer with internet is required to download books onto the LeapStart® 3D systems.

Additional books are available in the LeapStart library. Kids can tap the pictures and words on every page with the stylus to engage with the activity books and enhance learning with amazing animations!

Order the LeapStart 2 Book Combo Pack: Math in Action and Toys Save the Day to go along with the LeapFrog® LeapStart® 3D Learning System:

LeapFrog® LeapStart® 3D Learning System is available at:

Walmart // Target // Amazon

Learn more about LeapFrog and VTech at Learning Through This

9. VTech KidiGo Walkie Talkies

These are not like the walkie talkies I had as a kid. VTech always goes 10 steps further to bring us so many cool features by making these walkie talkies digital with games and pre-recorded messages. They are easy enough for my 4-year-old to figure out which makes them fun for all ages. Sometimes I will leave one upstairs so I don’t have to shout when dinner is ready (parent hack). Kids are able to chat up to 500 feet away over a secure, digital connection that keeps other walkie-talkie users from listening in or chatting with them. They can also send preset animated messages with a backlit LCD screen and play four two-player games for real-time gaming!

Staying Home with Kids:

I know first hand that it has not been easy homeschooling our children during these unprecendented times. Since our schools here in California will be closed for the rest of the school year, I have found that these are some great ways to keep them off the tablet and keep them active and engaged.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!


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