Lockdown is a difficult time, and while there have been signs that things are going to start easing off, it is still a slow process. I am sure that for a while now, you’ve been the one helping your kids through the lockdown and trying to ensure they have everything they need and that they are happy. If you’re struggling with this, then I’ve come up with some ideas of how you can help them through this difficult time. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Play Games With Them

The first thing that I’m going to suggest is that you play games with them. There are plenty of games out there that promote motor functions, stimulate the brain, and help your kids learn while they play. While they don’t notice it because they’re just having fun, it’s certainly happening. As such, you should encourage them to play games, and then to spend more time with them, they should join in too. If you’re lucky enough to be spending this time as a family, even if your kids drive you up the wall some of the time, you should still take this opportunity to be able to play with them whenever you want. You never know when you’re going to have this chance again, and they’re going to enjoy playing games with you!

Buy Them A Special Gift

The next thing that you can do is buy them a special gift. Let them know that you know how hard this has been for everyone involved, and you wanted to commemorate how well they have done since the lockdown started with a gift. Some of the things that you can buy are new toys, new books, or paintings, or if they are slightly older, then you can look into something a little more meaningful such as handwriting jewelry. Get something that they can keep, and when they look back on it, they remember that even though lockdown was going on, you all spent time together, so it wasn’t so bad. 

Think of this as a reward for doing so well. You know how hard lockdown is, and you fully understand what’s going on and why. Your kids likely don’t fully get why they have to stay inside most of the time, but they’re doing their best to be good even under the circumstances.

Teach Them Something New

Finally, you should try to teach them something new. We know that schools are asking that children are homeschooled for now, but we’re talking about something different. Why not take this opportunity and teach them how to cook? Obviously, if they are younger then they aren’t going to be able to do everything, but you can make cupcakes with them, or you can get them to sit in the kitchen and do the odd job when you’re making dinner. This is a valuable life lesson that they need to learn at some point, so why not now?

I hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the ways that you can go about helping your kids through the lockdown.