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One of my favorite daily activities is walking my kindergartener to and from school. This is a time for bonding and is also a great way to get a little exercise and fresh air. Sometimes I look down and realize just how quickly time flies and how grateful I am that he still wants to hold my hand. My heart aches to think that one day he may tell me that he wants to walk home with his friends. So today, I cherish our bond and his need for Mom. We have a new subject every day and pick a new letter of the alphabet to play “I Spy” with. It is really fun and brings us closer each day.

IMG_3434We actually enjoy many outdoor activities here in beautiful California year round, so finding the right shoes to wear for all of our adventures that I can also wear for my indoor activities is a HUGE plus! When I discovered Zenz by Isotoner, I was immediately smitten! They feel like slippers but can be worn anywhere! Zenz are up to 30% lighter than traditional shoes and are made with Isotoner’s patented Everywear™ Technology® They truly feel like you’re walking on a cloud!


I have a habit of taking my shoes off right when I get home. With Zenz, I don’t even realize there are still on. Kolton and Shayne have actually had to remind me that I am wearing my shoes in the house. They are really THAT comfortable!

IMG_3420IMG_3414I wear mine around the house, to the park, on our long walks and when I am on all of my daily errands. Did I mention that they are also easy on the eyes. I definitely have a crush on my new Zenz by Isotoner and need them in every color. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear their slippers all day, inside and out?