Has the financial impact of Covid-19 impacted your plans for Christmas? Many of us now have to cut down on how much we spend, and we’re worried that Christmas this year might not be as good as other years. However, Christmas on a budget doesn’t have to be miserable. You can still have a wonderful Christmas while reducing the amount that you spend. Gifts are often the most expensive part of Christmas, but there are lots of ways to save and still delight the people you love with thoughtful gifts. Read on to find some ideas on how you could make some Christmas savings. Here are some cash-strapped Christmas ideas for the year of Covid.

Do a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun game to play at work, and a lot of people also do it with friends and family. When it’s done among friends and family, it can often be in addition to other gifts. However, if you want to save money, consider doing it as a replacement for trading gifts among everyone. Use a tool like Elfster to make it easy to give everyone a name. You will all still receive a present, and you can set a decent price limit so that everyone gets something good. Of course, this works best among adults, so you might still need to arrange separate gifts for kids.

Skip The Gifts

For a more extreme way to save on presents, you might want to think about foregoing all gifts. This isn’t for everyone, but there’s more to Christmas than the things that you get and give to people. As well as material things, you get to enjoy spending time with the people you love, eating lots of food, and generally getting into the Christmas spirit. It might be a hard sell for some people, especially those who particularly love getting or giving gifts, but it’s worth considering.

DIY Your Christmas

A bit of Christmas DIY can be a fantastic way to get into the Christmas spirit. In the run-up to Christmas, you can make gifts, decorations, and even food to get ready for when it arrives. DIY gifts can be many different things, and you don’t necessarily have to have any existing crafty skills. You can find lots of ideas for everything from sewing to baking. Edible treats can be an excellent option that’s welcomed by everyone. DIY decorations are a lot of fun to make too, and can give your home a traditional look.

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Shop for Online Bargains

Many people have turned to online shopping during these times. In fact, some people have bought things online for the first time ever. It helps to limit contact when you’re shopping, but it can offer other advantages too. One of those benefits is that it can be easier to find some great deals, and you don’t need to walk from store to store to find them. You could save a lot on everything from gifts and decorations to food, but don’t leave things too late.

It might be a budget Christmas this year, but don’t let that ruin the festivities. You can still have a great Christmas while reining in your spending.