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What is my favorite thing about living near the coast? The water of course! The beautiful California summer sunshine is here and we have so many options when it comes to the outdoors and almost all include the water! Curtis grew up on a lake so we share a passion of water and boating. Now that the kids are getting older (still only 5 and 3), we plan to get them out on the water every chance we get. IMG_6376-2

From firework shows to fishing trips, with our annual family trip to Lake Tahoe is right around the corner, and I see lots of boating in our near future! This will also be our first trip that we have decided to give up the gambling and nightlife and dedicate the entire trip to spending time with family on the lake. IMG_2070

When I heard about Discover Boating, I decided that this is something we need to look into. Discover Boating has everything you need to know about boating, buying or renting boats, what types of boats are out there and all water related activities that you need to try! This is such a great resource to have for summer!


Before you get out on the water, check out Discover Boating and make the MOST out of this summer!!