This post is sponsored by A Fresh Look but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

First off, what would Valentine’s Day be without CHOCOLATE?! Sad thought, right? Well, according to scientists, cacao trees are on track to go extinct by 2050! Well, a company called Fresh Look has created Ethos Chocolate which are inspired by GMO farming and can save chocolate for generations to enjoy! Ethos Chocolate is sharing some delicious chocolate flavors just for Valentine’s Day with four flavors all grown through GMO Farming.

What is GMO Farming:

This term generally refers to the most predictable and precise method available to selectively cultivate crops with desirable traits that already occur elsewhere in nature. For example, increasing a crop’s resistance to pests and disease or resilience to drought conditions.

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the safety of food produced from GMO farming and it offers environmental benefits, including less water and fewer chemicals. Farming of GMO crops will help us meet the food security challenges of a growing population and warming planet. Food marketing should address science-based health and environmental benefits instead of spreading misinformation to justify inflating prices for some foods, while playing on consumer misconceptions to stigmatize other, equally healthy options.

Now for the CHOCOLATE!

Since this chocolate is JUST for Valentine’s Day, they are limited! You MUST try:

  • The Optimist (cacao) – Due to climate change and disease, the future of chocolate could be more bitter than sweet. Fortunately, Ethos Chocolates are optimists. They know GMO farming can protect cacao trees like the ones in the Dominican Republic that made this very bar. 
  • The Survivor (papaya) – Papayas are survivors. A virus nearly wiped out Hawaii’s Rainbow papaya in the early 2000s. But GMOs gave them a fresh start, pulling papaya back from the brink.
  • The Hero (orange) One taste can revive anyone’s zest for life. These sunshine-packed Florida fruits need reviving themselves. Citrus greening disease, or yellow dragon disease, threatens the entire species. Luckily, oranges have a hero in their corner. Thanks to GMOs, farmers could be close to slaying the dragon and saving these citrus staples.
  • The Trendsetter (apple) – GMO farming has paved the way to non-browning apples that stay fresh longer and cut food waste. With each American throwing out a pound of food every day, that’s a trend that needs to be set.

Each of these flavors are filled with chocolatey goodness and a slight hint of flavor. They are a huge hit in my family and will make our Valentine’s Day that much more special. Now, take a “Fresh Look” at GMO farming and order some delicious Ethos Chocolates for Valentine’s Day!