As I have said many times, traveling with little ones is definitely not for the faint of heart. For being so tiny in size, they sure do require A LOT of supplies and extra attention to detail. The last thing we want is to get to our destination and have them uncomfortable, unable to sleep, or without the necessities. When they are not comfortable in their environment, we are unable to enjoy our trip. For Shayne, duplicating her sleeping environment is crucial for a good nights sleep for EVERYONE! It is also important to keep her safe and entertained during the day especially when we are in an environment that is not particularly “baby friendly”.


Our most recent trip was to Tucson to for my sister’s baby shower, where we stayed at my Grandmother’s house. She lives in a beautiful adobe style home with all tile floors and lots of steps and stairs (not the safest environment for a baby). With all of these details in mind, I knew I would have to figure out a way to keep Shayne safe and comfortable. This would also be my first time traveling alone with her, so I could only pack so much. I decided to bring our stroller with the carseat attached since I could check them at the gate, but those would be the only large supplies I could bring. We would still need a crib, a highchair, a baby bathtub, to clean the airplane germs off of her, and some other toys to keep her occupied since she would not be spending much time on the hard tile floor.


When I heard about this wonderful rental site called Baby’s Away, I had to find out if they were also available in Tucson. Lucky for us, they were! I went on their website, which was very easy to navigate, and selected all of the supplies that we would need, selected the amount of days and the dates we would need them for and waited to hear back about the availability. The response was quick, and everything we needed was available, and it would even be delivered directly to my grandmother’s home at the time I asked for, for a delivery fee of course! I decided to order a pack-n-play as a crib, a baby bathtub, a highchair, an exersaucer and bouncy seat to keep her entertained. All items arrived before I even got there, and my grandmother said the woman, Stephanie, who delivered them was very pleasant and helpful. She even brought the pack-n-play upstairs for us. Everything was very clean and in great useable condition.

When we finally arrived, after a very long day of traveling, it was such a relief to be able to finally get Shayne comfortable and down for a long nap in the pack-n-play.


For the duration of our trip, we got a lot of use out of all of our rental items from Baby’s Away. Shayne ate all of her meals in her borrowed highchair, and enjoyed sitting in her bouncy seat and exersaucer, which allowed my to shower while she was occupied.


At the beginning and end of our trip, she enjoyed a nice bath in her borrowed tub. She loved splashing around and playing.


Baby’s Away truly made our trip much more enjoyable. We will definitely be using this company for all of our future travels.





Thank you Baby’s Away for making this post possible.