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Summer is right around the corner and we already have countless vacations on the books. Several of these are road trips and keeping kids entertained can be a task. What I have learned over the years is that preparation is key! Living in the Bay Area, we are blessed to have several beautiful places in driving distance to us. Which is why we bought the car we did, and love exploring in it. IMG_2746

Here are a few of my tips for having a successful road trip with littles:

• ENTERTAINMENT – Our car has a built in DVD player and wireless headphones for the kids to watch their favorite movies while we have some peace and quiet. I know that most people do not have this in their vehicles, but any sort of tablet, portable player or phone with games will do. Most kids won’t be able to stare at this the whole five hour car ride, but this will at least buy parents some time.

• CAR GAMES – Come prepared with some fun “I spy” games or trivia, depending on the ages of your kids. This gets whole car involved and can be a great way to explore what is around you.

• MESS-FREE ART PROJECTS – We have a small tray that can be brought in the car and the kids can color with mess-free markers. Or a drawing tablet works too.

• SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS – Seriously! You can never have enough snacks!! Kolton’s favorite Is Pepperidge Farms Goldfish® crackers! They are easy, and perfect for planned trips or last-minute car rides. Not only have Goldfish® crackers helped me survive meltdowns, but I can also feel good about giving them to Kolton since they are always baked with real cheese, have no artificial flavors or preservatives and the colors are sourced from plants! We ALWAYS have a bag or two of Goldfish® crackers in the car just in case of a snacking emergency!



Do you have a travel tip to add? Please leave in the comments below!