Every child loves going to the movies. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to provide this experience to our children during these challenging times. This doesn’t mean the magic has to be lost entirely, though. There are several great ways to put together a fantastic movie night that your kids will love. There are many simple steps to bringing this dream to life in your very own home. Here are some ways to surprise your kids with a fun movie night at home!

Let everyone dress up

Just like kids love movies, they love to dress up as their favorite characters. Whether your kids are decked out in their favorite superhero costumes or you’re going the princess route, let them bring the story to life while they watch their favorite flick.

Surprise Your Kids With A Fun Movie Night At Home

Set up a snack bar

There is nothing more thrilling to a child than getting a massive snack tray from the snack bar. You can easily do this at home by creating snack trays with small boxes or store bought caddies. Fill them up with popcorn, candies, and a favorite beverage.

Surprise Your Kids With A Fun Movie Night At Home

Create movie tickets

Excitement and anticipation rise when a child hands over their movie ticket to the ticket master. Don’t think you can do this at home? Think again! All you need to do is create movie tickets featuring the film they will be watching using this ticket generator. Have them hand it over to you before “entering” the “theater.”

Surprise Your Kids With A Fun Movie Night At Home

Consider special seating arrangements

Sure, sitting on the couch is fun and comfy, but it’s not necessarily unique. You can make movie night extra enjoyable by making special seating arrangements, such as creating “cars” out of cardboard boxes or letting everyone bust out their sleeping bags to watch on the floor. 

Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same boring routine. Bring the movie theater experience home by letting your children dress up, eat their favorite snacks, hand in their movie tickets, and settle in on the floor with their favorite stuffed animals.

Find more inspiration for creating your own movie night at home in the visual below from Apartment Guide.

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