As the kids grow and change, so does my bag. I cannot even really call it a diaper bag anymore since Kolton is five and Shayne is almost three and only wears diapers to bed now. Still, pockets are a necessity with little ones and let’s face it, the only thing that really makes a diaper bag different from a tote or a handbag are all of those pockets!!IMG_4092

If only we could just add pockets to our regular bags! Wait…Tote Savvy DID THIS!!! Seriously GENIUS! If you have not heard of Tote Savvy, you are about to have your parenting mind blown! IMG_4095

Tote Savvy is an insert with so many pockets and has a changing pad included! With Shayne almost completely done with diapers, I am always preparing for accidents. This means extra clothes, wipes, pull-ups and big girl underwear. Of course I have to carry the much needed snacks, sunscreen, water bottle, entertainment (iPad and coloring activities). Tote Savvy even has room for my wallet, keys and a few other personal necessities. The best part is, I can place Tote Savvy into just about any bag I choose! Finally I can take my favorite, pocket-free totes out and it doesn’t wind up being a huge pile where I cannot find anything. IMG_4097IMG_4105IMG_4106

This is something I would recommend to any parent! Whether you have a newborn, toddler, or school age child, pockets are key!! Head over to Tote Savvy and check out their variety of colors and sizes. Did I mention they are having a HUGE sale right now? These would make the perfect baby shower gift!