My baby girl turned ONE on Tuesday, May 31st! I am still in disbelief because I feel like I was just released from the hospital and am introducing her to her new home. Where did the time go? While this past year has been extremely exhausting adjusting to life with two little ones, it has also been the most amazing year of my life. I didn’t think I would ever be able to love another being the way I love Kolton. From the moment I heard Shayne’s first cry and held her in my arms, I felt my heart actually grow. It grew just enough for me to love them equally.


When Shayne came into this world, I knew she would change our lives, but I didn’t realize how much. Her first few months of life, she was so mellow and sweet. She barely cried, immediately enjoyed baths, diaper changes, car rides, and just about anything we did with her. She did not act like a typical newborn. It was definitely a surprise to us, but also a nice relief. She would actually wake up in her co-sleeper next to me without me even knowing. I would look over, when my body knew it was time for her to nurse, and she would be laying there quietly looking around.

Watching her grow, and her personality develop, I have realized that some babies are just more mellow than others. We have seen both ends of the personality spectrum with our two children, and seeing how different they are is so neat to watch.


Shayne is an observer. She has never been eager to be on the move, and prefers to sit back and watch. She tries to mimic sounds and is anxious to talk. She also likes to mimic gestures and always seems to be smiling, laughing, signing, waving or babbling.

As she has gotten bigger, she has found her voice and will let you know if she doesn’t like something. While she is still a very mellow baby, she also has a strong will and a strong personality. This is a great quality that I will continue to encourage.

She is still very easy to put to bed, but not very good as staying asleep. It has gotten better over the months (there was a time when she was waking up every 2 hours all night every night). I think I have gotten so used to not getting much sleep that I don’t seem to notice it too much anymore. I also realize that it is just because she wants to know I’m close by. I have begun to enjoy our midnight to early morning snuggles.


Shayne, while an extremely good eater, has remained to be on the smaller side weight wise. Her pediatrician is not concerned since this has been a growth pattern since she was born. It surprises me since she is constantly eating food or nursing. She now has four top teeth and two bottom teeth with two more pushing through as we speak. She loves trying new finger foods. Her favorites are avocado, any kind of meat, broccoli, tofu and noodles though she will eat just about anything put in front of her.


She now has curly light brown hair (a trait inherited from my family) blue eyes and the cutest button nose. She loves giving kisses, waving to everyone who walks by, all animals she comes in contact with, listening and dancing to music and Mickey Mouse! She no longer likes diaper changes and is reluctant to go in her car seat. She has brought more joy to our little family than we ever thought possible and we are excited to continue to watch her learn and grow.



While it is bittersweet closing this chapter on our baby girl’s first year, it is exciting to see what surprises Shayne will bring us this next year!

Thank you for choosing us to be your family, Shay Shay and Happy First Birthday! We love you to the moon and back!