If you are like me, getting ready for a tropical vacation almost make the trip not even worth it. The prep that goes into feeling beach ready is exhausting, and who has the time anyway? It’s not like my kids will let me sunbath to get my base tan or get a relaxing facial to get that glow. Even my manicures are often done on my bathroom floor during nap time. With that being said, I do have a few easy and inexpensive at-home tips for getting your skin, face, nails and smile ready for the beach!


  1. Start a Tea-tox or shake regimen: Doing this every morning for breakfast can easily become a routine, and does not take much work. I absolutely LOVE Flat Tummy tea and Flat Tummy shake! They both fill me up and get me going in the morning while I am rushing the kids out the door.
  2. Exercise: This was one of my big New Year’s resolutions and I am happy to say that I have been following through with it! It is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be and has become a part of my daily routine. Even if I cannot make it to the gym, going for a run in the morning before the kids are up, or doing yoga in my living room from a YouTube video. Find a way to work out. It has done wonders for my mental health as well!
  3. At-home Charcoal Mask: I love this charcoal mask from Gold Mountain. You can find it HERE. It is not expensive and makes my skin feel like I just had a real, overpriced facial AND it only takes 5-10 minutes! It is also fun to scare the kids with this mask on! hahaIMG_3837
  4. Self-Tanner: Not only is a real tan bad for your skin, but who has that kind of time anyway? I sure don’t. Self-tanner is the way to go for me and if I can find a good one that does not streak, it is a WIN! I like this spray on self-tanner from Gold Mountain. You can find it HERE IMG_4131
  5. Buy a new dress…ONLINE: This always gets me excited to go on vacation. After all, a couple of sundresses and a bathing suit is really all you need for a tropical getaway! Find one that is versatile and light. I love Pink Blush. They have a huge selection of maxis and knee-length dresses for all body types.IMG_1599
  6. At-home teeth whitening: I love having a white smile, but whitening my teeth can get expensive, can be time-consuming and leave my teeth feeling very sensitive. I really like this new system from Primal Life Organics. The paste is all natural and the LED light is what intensifies the whitening. The best part is you can just plug the LED light into your phone and whiten in your car or wherever. BRILLIANT! Use the code WHITEN15 for 15% off your purchase! IMG_3799
  7. Mani/Pedi: Essie gel polish will last!! They have the greatest colors and actually stayed on my nails without chipping for over a week! Remember, I have two kids so this is like a miracle! Also, they go on and come off like regular polish so you can use them at home. Works like a gel disguised as a polish. IMG_2972


I am getting more excited every day for my tropical vacay. I hope tips these help. Please comment below with any other at-home tips you would add. Happy Traveling!