With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be easy to lose site of what they are all about. Making holiday memories is becoming more and more important and fun each year in our house. IMG_0216

This year, Kolton is turning 5!! And while he has always been really excited about everything Christmas, he is now getting involved with the decorating process! This is great for me, because I love getting some help and it is also a wonderful bonding experience. With Kolton being in school full-time this year, we do not get to spend as much time together like we used to, which makes our time together that much more special. IMG_0434

Although it was difficult, we restrained ourselves from decorating for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. I think it is important to make each holiday special, and Thanksgiving is too often overlooked these days. IMG_0456

The morning after Thanksgiving, we woke up early and found our perfect tree! After, we pulled out our decorations and got to work.IMG_0484IMG_0487

Kolton and I very carefully found the perfect spot for all of our special ornaments. He had so much fun with it, and so did I. IMG_0495IMG_0489IMG_0491

After a long afternoon of decorating, we played some educational games with our Goldfish® printables and had some snacks. It is important to have a little down time every once in awhile while decorating, or it becomes too much. IMG_0193IMG_0195IMG_0212

December is full of excitement and wonder, especially for a five-year-old! We have so many plans and non-stop festivities. From Christmas in the Park and multiple tree lighting ceremonies, to holiday parties and presents, taking time to stop and enjoy it is a MUST! I try to spend special time with each of my kids. Goldfish® Crackers has helped us to make that special time during the holiday bustle.


How do you make memories during the holiday season? Please share your thoughts.

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Happy Holidays,