We try to travel with our little ones as much as possible. Whether it be a flight to Arizona to see family or a drive to the beach to stay overnight. It is important that our kids see as much as we can show them at an early age. We have several trips planned this summer, but right now, we are getting ready for our annual 4th of July weekend trip to Tahoe! My husband’s family hosts this trip every year and has done so for over 10 years. It is such a fun family tradition! With our families expanding, it becomes more and more fun each year! Last year is the first year we had to miss this trip since Shayne was only a few weeks old and I did not feel comfortable driving so far from home with her yet. Now she will be 13 months and Kolton is 3 and a half. I think this will be the best year yet!

This will also be my first time packing for a long road trip with two kids! Flying and driving a lot different when it comes to packing. When we fly, we only get two bags each (none for Shayne since she is a lap baby). Driving however, we can bring a lot more, which is both a relief and an added stress. Even when I do my very best to consolidate, I still end up packing way more than we need. Then again, I also end up forgetting one of the most important things. Funny how that works.


Staying organized and starting early is so important. I know that there is a washer and dryer there, so I have to try not to overpack clothes. That is also tough because it is very hot during the day and fairly cool at night. This means a variety of outfits is a must. There will also be a lot of swimming, hiking, playing in the sand, boating, fishing and many more outdoor activities.

The must-haves for a little one:

A stroller. We are bringing our UppaBaby Vista stroller. I love how easy it is to push around and there is so much basket space under the stroller for when we hit the outdoor markets and do some shopping. There is also an extra seat we can install if Kolton really needs a break from all of the walking.


A Pack-n-play. Easy to transport and perfect for naps and bedtime.

Noise machine. Shayne and Kolton both sleep with these. It is great especially for sharing a condo because it drowns out the noises around and helps little ones sleep better.

Portable highchair. Ours can strap onto any seat and is very easy to take places. Definitely a travel necessity.

DIAPERS and wipes! Lots of diapers! We have the absolutely softest and most comfortable diapers out there. Parasol makes the cutest prints and the softest and most absorbent diapers I have ever felt! And their wipes smell like cucumber! We are huge fans! Click here to get a free sample and use the code 2BLONDEMAMAS at checkout for $20 off your first box!


Lots of snacks. A 4 hour road trip can easily turn into a 7 hour road trip on a holiday weekend. You need to be prepared to keep the little ones fed and happy for twice as long as expected. There is nothing worse than being in dead stopped traffic with a hungry toddler (or in our case 2 hungry toddlers).

Entertainment. It is much easier to entertain a 3.5 year old than a 13 month old. Kolton can keep busy by watching a DVD or playing on the iPad. Shayne needs a variety of toys that make noise and books with colorful pictures.

Clothes. Lots of clothes for different types of weather. Swim diaper, warm weather clothes, sweaters for the cool nights, pajamas, snuggle blankets. Lucking, baby clothes don’t take up a lot of room, so I have no problem overpacking these.

Sunscreen. A must for little ones in the hot Tahoe sun!

Monitors. We have a video monitor by Motorola. It allows us to still enjoy ourselves while the baby is napping or in bed. We can relax in the jacuzzi and still see her in the screen and know she is safe and sound.


Luckily, we have a large SUV, which enables us to not have to worry about overpacking for road trips. I would so much rather have a full car than get to our destination and realize we did not bring something that we really needed. Incase this does happen though, there are several baby rental companies all over the place that can deliver baby and child supplies to your destination. We have used Baby’s Away in the past and really loved it! (Read about our Baby’s Away experience HERE).


We are looking forward to an amazing week in South Lake Tahoe and can’t wait to share our experience. I hope these packing tips helped.

Happy traveling!