The holidays are HERE! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! I am already preparing for Thanksgiving, Kolton’s FIFTH birthday, Christmas, mine and my husbands’ birthdays (yes, they are on the same day), and then New Years! With so many festivities approaching, how do we keep it all together?IMG_0163

Lucky for me, we are not hosting anything this year, aside from welcoming my sister, brother-in-law and nephew into our home for a few days. I love hosting, but time has not been much of a virtue these days, and it will be nice to enjoy the holidays at the homes of others!IMG_0158

I have discovered that when attending any party, I like to bring something for the host/hostess. I find that any gift, big or small, goes a long way, considering how much work they put into planning and hosting a dinner, party or any event really. My go-to is generally flowers or a candle and a nice bottle of wine! How can you go wrong with these?IMG_0034

After many years of bartending, I developed a sense for good wines. A local vineyard that I have always loved is Wente. With such a large selection of fine wines, Wente Vineyards can find a way to satisfy any palette. IMG_0030

I have always preferred red wines when it comes to the holidays for some reason, although a nice Chardonnay goes well with turkey! For the most part, red reminds me of winter, with the exception of New Years, which is reserved for bubbly of course. Anytime I bring a nice bottle of Pinot Noir of Cabernet from Wente Vineyards to a party or dinner, it is always the first to be enjoyed! I find it brings family together and the fact that it is local, is always brings up good conversation.IMG_0180


Aside from the delicious tasting wines, Wente Vineyards also has a beautiful story behind their grapes. Founded in 1883, Wente is the country’s oldest, continuously operated family-owned winery, with their estate winery in the Livermore Valley. Wente is currently operated by 4th and 5th generation winegrowers with the same Wente name! IMG_0025

Wente Vineyards has wine for any pallet and budget. The Single Vineyard and Estate Grown wines are reasonably priced and delicious. Any would make a perfect host/hostess gift for the holidays. Compliment the wine with a festive wine bag or label and a small bouquet of flowers, and you are all set for your next holiday party!

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Happy Holidays!