Dress: Olian // Shoes: Tory Burch

BABY SIZE: She is about 16.7 inches long and weighs about 3.75 pounds. She is expected to gain roughly 1/2 pound per week going forward. This means she may more than double her weight before birth. This is hard to imagine since I already feel HUGE!

MY BODY: My uterus is about five inches above my belly button. This leaves so little room for my organs, which is why I am experiencing so much breathlessness. I have been feeling more and more exhausted, and wobbly as the days go on.

NEWS THIS WEEK: Baby girl can now use all five senses! She is busy looking around, practicing breathing, grabbing whatever is in reach, tasting amniotic fluid and listening to the sound of our voices.



This week, was my baby shower! It was so special to see how many close friends and family are so excited to meet our baby girl! I can’t wait to share with her just how beautiful the occasion was! New post coming soon!